The Bone Reaper Growler ~ Matte Black 64oz.

$ 85.00

Don't Be Caught Dead Without One ~ 64oz. Black Matte Stoneware Growler

Beer growlers are growing in popularity nearly as fast as the craft brew movement itself. Thanks to new laws nationwide, these jugs of joy can be sold in more places than ever—including grocery stores, growler-only dispensaries, and your brewery. Consumers have come to expect your best draught beer to be available to go.

This Stoneware Growler is inspired by old juicejugs and features a ring-style handle that flows nicely right into the jug. It sports a modern hinged closer that will keep your beer fresher for longer over traditional screw-top varieties. Since it’s stoneware, these growlers are impenetrable by light, which means UV light won’t have any effect on your beer. It will retain your beer’s quality as long as it is contained within the jug.

We can custom etch these growlers with your favorite artwork or logo. Please contact us for more information. A wise choice.

Made in U.S.A.

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