About Us

Bottoms UP! Michigan is a Traverse City based company.  The company is owned and operated by Chad MacManus. He is originally from Ridgefield, Connecticut.
Chad graduated from R • I • T  The Rochester Institute of Technology and possesses a bachelors degree in Industrial Design from The School of Fine & Applied Arts.
In 1990, Chad operated a successful state of the art digital graphics advertising agency boasting large format imaging and finishing capabilities beyond any other in Ormond Beach, FL 
Chad transitioned to Traverse City in 2000. He has a natural talent and passion for ceramics.. However, he pondered that ceramics passion would not, and could not be a profitable career choice. He contemplated multiple career routes.  Those routes led to creative, stylized, unique, etching.
Bottoms UP! Michigan provides professional, creative, customized etching services. We etch glass, wood, metal & stone.
Here at Bottoms UP! Michigan, we value & staff local artisans, to hand craft our products, one at a time.
Our goal is to produce uniquely etched products, from YOUR ideas.
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Please Contact Us for custom orders or if you have any questions.